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Prom Flowers
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Prom is a big deal to any teenage girl. Perfect makeup, dress, shoes --- but what about flowers? Prom corsages must be perfect as well! Stop by GROWER DIRECT REGENT and let us help you create a something special. With a picture or description of the dress, we can create something that not only matches, it enhances the dress' beauty.

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When it comes to prom, a guy can't go without a boutonniere to match his girl's corsage. The flower-on-the-coat-pocket is a tradition for classy men that stems back generations. Just because it's a tradition, doesn't mean your boutonniere doesn't have to be stylish. Choose from a wide range of styles, colors and flowers when choosing a boutonniere from GROWER DIRECT REGENT.

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Hairpieces & Handheld Bouquets

GROWER DIRECT REGENT can create the perfect flower hairpiece or hand held bouquet to enhance your prom night experience. Using flowers, we can match your prom style and colors. So remember, if you're looking for prom accessories in Winnipeg, GROWER DIRECT REGENT is the place to be!

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